Jillian Tamaki’s illustrations all have such a distinct but completely different style. You would simply think that all her pieces are created by a variety of artists and illustrators. This shows you how versatile Jillian can be when it comes to her illustrations, comics and textiles. I mean how awesome is this dog walker illustration?!

Also check out Jillian’s web comic on Tumblr at mutantmagic.com



Photographer Alexandra Bergman

The different shades of color in Australian photographer Alexandra Bergman’s photo series are both calming and secretive.   

Artist of the Week: Letha Wilson

I would be so happy if I could one day own one of New York based artist Letha Wilsons’ sculptures. These photo sculptures are amazing!

Bon Qui Qui for Alexander Wang. Best line “I don’t need you…”

A Colorful Joyrich Spring/Summer collection

Joyrichs’ Spring/Summer ‘13 collection is a mix of urban 80’s and 90’s style of floral, camouflage and loud graphics for men and women. 





Peggy Wolf

I may have blogged about German artists Peggy Wolf’s work in the past but here is a refresher post. I have been in love her illustrations and paintings for so long, I can’t believe I don’t own any of her pieces! Anyways check out her shop where she sells originals and prints in all sizes. If you are just starting an art collection this should be one of those pieces you need to have. I will be buying a print or two today, they are just so beautiful!

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals 2013 Lookbook

Jeremy Scott and adidas are back at it again with a new spring/summer 2013 collection. This collab is one of the best ones yet from the duo! I would totally rock the women’s basketball jersey dress and there seems to be men’s and women’s versions of the same look so you and your girl/boy can rock the same outfits… if that’s your thing. 


Andrea Mary Marshall - Gia Condo

One of my current favorite female painters Andrea Mary Marshall will be showing at the Allegra LaViola Gallery  January 17th-February 16th for her second solo show titled Gia Condo. Opening reception January 17th which will include a performance on the opening night, as well as additional performances through the duration of the exhibit. I highly recommend checking out her work, it’s amazing.


Misaki Kawai

I want to live in the paintings and sculptures of Misaki Kawai. Especially the big pink furry one!